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Medical Hand Cream

Brutner Medical Hand Cream is a medical device in the form of a specialistic cream intended for people with problems with excessive dryness of the skin (xerosis). The product is especially recommended for protecting and treating the symptoms of dry skin on the hands, which are frequently disinfected, washed with strong washing preparations and irritated by wearing protective gloves. The cream contains urea, Omega Plus oil complex, SyriCalm™, shea butter and silk proteins.


Decongestant Patch

The Coldisol decongestion patch is an adhesive dressing imbued with balsamic essences. It is used to improve breathing and alleviates discomforts caused by nasal obstruction, especially at night. The patch is applied directly to sleepwear or bedding, preferably near the chest. Body heat releases the balsamic scent of the blend to widen the upper airways and thereby improve respiratory function. The duration of the balsamic effect is up to 8 hours (all night).



Sleep Well Patch

Noctisol Sleep Well Patch is an adhesive dressing imbued with herbal essences. It offers a comfortable and non-invasive solution to insomnia and improves the sleep quality. The patch is applied directly to sleepwear, preferably near the chest. Body heat releases the herbal scent to provide an immediate relaxing and calming effect and reduce anxiety and stress. The duration of the balsamic effect is 6-8 hours (all night).


Afterbite patches

Xarasan afterbite patches are small transparent adhesives imbued with natural ingredients. These patches give instant effective anti-itchrelief on bites and stings. The patches contribute to relieving unpleasant sensations of itching caused by for instance mosquito bites. In addition to direct relief, they create a mechanical barrier that prevents the almost irresistible urge to scratch and avoids further irritation of the affected area.



Painless adhesive remover

Limisan is a painless adhesive remover. Limisan is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and effective removal of all medical adhesives, including plasters, bandage, dressings, tape and stoma appliances and adhesives residue. Adhesives are designed to stay attached to the skin, but after a while they should be removed or replaced. The removal of adhesives hurt a lot and can cause damage to the skin. Limisan will avoid this pain and damage and is proven to be very safe and effective on adhesives. Limisan comes in a spray that ensures easy usage and it will work within seconds. The product does not sting or irritate and contains ingredients to moisturize the sensitive skin around the adhesive.