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Archy Medical is a dynamic company with an entrepreneurial character. Archy Medical creates innovative products for professional and consumer care. During our creations we are always looking for the unexpected ways to create solutions that go beyond expectation. We add value to our ideas, products, end users and partners involved. Archy Medical has the power to develop, register, produce, market and deliver medical and non-medical products within a short timeframe.

Archy Medical creates solutions. We do not just develop hypes; we create long lasting solutions for the end users and partners and match them to their needs.

Archy Medical cares. We care about the products, services and stakeholders! Above all, we care about our consumers and create products that offer a solution.

Archy Medical combines. We combine the expertise of our suppliers, distributors, target audience and ourselves to create products that suits everybody's needs.

Archy Medical is a flexible organization. We are able to respond quickly to changing markets and users needs and are able to create products that match those needs! While being flexible we still ensure that we manufacture our products in compliance with the highest quality levels at selected suppliers. We sell them to our trusted global network of distributors who are able to market, distribute and sell the products in their local territory to the professional  and consumer care.